3 Ways of Dealing With Social Anxiety

Dealing With Social Anxiety

Dealing With Social Anxiety

If уоu are ѕhу аnd lооkіng for ways оf dealing with ѕосіаl аnxіеtу, thіѕ article is fоr you. I’ll show уоu thrее different wауѕ оf оvеrсоmіng уоur ѕhуnеѕѕ аnd lеаrnіng how tо be a confident person. Here thеу are!

1. The radical way: the 30-day challenge

If you are really desperate, the fastest way to overcome your social anxiety is to start the 30-day challenge. Every single day for 30 consecutive days you’re going to start at least one conversation (the more, the better) with a random stranger. It requires time, but it’s the most effective way.

You can “hi” to a girl on the sidewalk and ask her for the time or some directions, you can start a conversation with a shop assistant, have a chat with someone sitting in the park. The goal is to initiate a conversation and hold it for at least a while. You’ll definitely feel nervous, but you have to face your fears if you want to become confident around people.

2. The moderate way: take the opportunity whenever it presents itself

If you don’t feel comfortable in social situations, chance are that you always refuse when people ask you to go out. If you want to deal with your social anxiety , you have to start doing the opposite. Whenever someone asks you out, accept his/her invitation.

If you aren’t a social person and don’t have many friends, you probably don’t receive many invitations. Then you have to take action – invite someone else! Make it a habit to go out at least two times a week and soon you’ll get more comfortable around people. Sitting at home will only make your worse.

3. The slow way: step by step

This is the best way for analytical people. The idea is that you’re going to work on your shyness step by step, insecurity by insecurity. How to do it?

Note down all social situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Now that you have the list, ask yourself the following question: “Which of these situations make me feel the most uncomfortable?”. Leave them for later. Start with something easier and improve your confidence step by step.

If you are afraid of flirting with pretty women, start with asking them for the time or directions. Once you get comfortable with it, do something more difficult. Step by step you’ll get rid of your shyness!

Now that you know these three ways of dealing with social anxiety, pick just one and take action – no , no gain!

Source by Martin G King