How to Stop a Thyroid Storm

A thyroid violent storm is a condition which may come on out of the blue and violently. It requires a cluster of relevant signs whose onset are far more or less simultaneous and can include mental confusion, beating heart (tachycardia), large temperature of 105 levels or maybe more, a broad feeling of agitation, psychosis, perspiring, and hefty trembling.

It’s important to recognize that if you’re having several of those signs may very well not be experiencing a thyroid violent storm whatsoever. Rather, you will be experiencing an anxiety (panic) attack, possibly in addition associated with increase thyroid degree or other facets. But, it does not include the large ever of this violent storm.

A thyroid violent storm, however, is much more extreme than an anxiety and panic attack and folks who have had both understand the distinction. With an anxiety and panic attack, you might feel completely awful, uncontrollable, with a quick heart beat, etc. However, it is tolerable at the very least somewhat. By comparison, with a thyroid violent storm, you might feel just like you will collapse and can need immediate medical help.


The onset of a storm is due to a variety of two facets: one underlying and another immediate. The root cause is getting the problem of hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis), which means the human body is making too much of the thyroid hormones frequently.

At the same time, the immediate cause is of going through tension or a stress. The increases surge in tension levels causes the thyroid violent storm to start.

Tips Stop a Thyroid Storm

The illness can last for an hour or maybe more. It is impossible to avoid it your self without medical help. If you are experiencing a thyroid violent storm, you really need to contact disaster medical professionals (EMTs) or have some one you realize simply take you to a hospital er.

Indeed there, the health practitioners may perform many surgical procedures including: providing electrolytes, affixing an oxygen mask, administering temperature control medicines, providing you hydrocortisone, administering anti-thyroid medicines, and providing the human body with iodine (to block thyroid hormones release).

Stopping Future Events

However, you’ll stop the recurrence of a thyroid violent storm with your hyperthyroidism treated by a physician. Depending upon the type of one’s hyperthyroidism, it can be treated by different practices, including anti-thyroid medicines, radioactive iodine treatment, and medical eliminate (either of this whole thyroid gland or of a nodule on gland).

Eliminating Your Thyroid Through Surgical Treatment

In the event your medical practitioner decides that your particular thyroid should be removed via medical means (thyroidectomy), be confident this has become a routine treatment that may be done as outpatient surgery that does not need an over night medical center stay. Other styles of thyroid surgery tend to be inpatient and need a hospital stay.

Dealing with a thyroid-induced panic and anxiety attack can be an exceptionally scary, unsettling and uncomfortable knowledge. And, experiencing a thyroid violent storm is even even worse and it is life-threatening. Either way, your doctor may later recommend that you have part or your thyroid removed via surgery. Follow your doctor’s suggestions so that you can increase overall health and well being.


Source by Susan Willis