Treating Anxiety Attacks: Are You Empathically Picking Up Energy From Others?


A week ago, a person contacted me towards anxiety attacks he started having in the past two years. They certainly were so very bad to start with that he visited a healthcare facility reasoning he had been having a heart assault. The medical staff ran all sorts of examinations and found nothing wrong with him and had no description for chest aches, racing pulse, nervousness, shaking, anxiety , and general feeling of being ill. The ER medical practitioner identified it as heat fatigue and dehydration and told him to go to their main treatment doctor for follow up. The PCP wished to suggest anti-depressants, but my client didn’t desire to just take all of them. Remember that this used an event working whenever a coworker had a heart assault.

The anxiety attacks subsided after my client had energy work and he wasn’t troubled similar to this for almost a year. As he started having physical symptoms once again this summer, he visited a healthcare facility once again together with heart racing. The medical staff ran all sorts of examinations and found him completely healthy and had no description other than dehydration as it was very hot outside. However, he’d already been consuming loads of fluids in order to avoid another episode like he’d the year before. He previously already been on antibiotics for a head cold and believed possibly an allergic effect was happening. He stopped taking the medication in addition to symptoms instantly lessened.

He carried on to have a problem with moderate symptoms that could top oftentimes causing him to nonetheless wonder just what the hell was happening. He is a young, healthy man. Why was he having panic disorder and feeling therefore unusual emotionally and physically? In the past couple of months, these panic disorder began to affect their work and business. He eventually contacted me. Let me reveal a synopsis of our discussion.

EMPATH: The anxiety assault these days was very nearly instant-no caution it was coming on-but I became able to calm myself before we started feeling actually bad. I thought it could be cigarette thus I attempted lowering. I want to stop deploying it. I am under many tension at this time and that tends to make things even worse. Are you able to feel my energy through the phone?

YVONNE: Oh, yes! I feel your energy. It really is crazy wild and I also’m being forced to tell myself to breathe. The human body has an electromagnetic area around it and yours is extremely cluttered. You definitely have to ground your energy and clear your area. Have you figured out simple tips to do that?


YVONNE: i am going to walk you through it before we near this session. Who possess you been around in the past twenty four hours? That which was their particular energy like?

EMPATH: I became talking-to a person known as Leon today prior to this assault took place. He’s a stressful task, he’s looking to get a promotion, along with his spouse is sick.

YVONNE: you may be an empath therefore pick-up energy from others easily. Empaths be capable of heal and transmute the suffering of others by taking detrimental energy within their very own human body or auric fields. Having this capability is a gift once you understand simple tips to handle it. There are lots of individuals as you and that’s the reason why we composed a novel to assist them to. It is the guide I wish I’d had twelve years ago whenever I was dealing with what you’re today.

EMPATH: Understanding this present for? If it is possible to get other’s emotions, there has to be a reason for it. I don’t know the reason why We have this present easily wouldn’t like it. Exactly why is it therefore uncontrollable? I focus on devices since they don’t have emotions. I cannot be around individuals every day.

YVONNE: Many empaths find it hard to be around others-some also become hermits. We empaths are far more comfortable in an environment where our own energy is prevalent.

The present is to assist heal humanity in addition to world. It’s controllable. I am putting together a free telesummit in September to teach empaths how to use the present to heal themselves yet others without having to pay a personal cost.

I experienced to clear my personal energy area after dealing with this client. I also eliminated their area for him and organized a follow-up talk with observe how he’s performing after he starts placing some grounding and centering exercises into rehearse. He plans to have significantly more energy work done getting straight back on track. I really hope he and you may go to the free training telesummit, “Empaths moving into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive folks Understand Their particular Spiritual Role in the world.”

Everything with this world comprises energy. Empathy tiredness isn’t something your physician will identify or treat. It’s a dynamic instability and needs to be corrected through religious means. For far too very long the medical globe has attempted to separate the human body through the mind and heart. We’re entering a time if this will no longer be possible. The medical globe will both need to change to accept religious methods, or people-especially empaths-will need to find alternative methods for keeping health on all amounts.


Origin by Yvonne Perry